“I swear to god these are Virginia bluebells, Carter,” Fiona said to her friend as she wiped cigarette smoke from her tear ducts. Taking another drag, she kicked one of the drooping blue flowers gently so it flopped the other way. …

The Red Knight gazed… STOP

The Red Knight prepared for his final battle against CALAMITY….STOP

Who the fuck am I kidding… I can’t write anything worth a damn in these circumstances. I can’t focus anymore. The cotton in my ears feels like they’ve burned holes into my skull so deep…

The woodgrain of the arrow hurt between my fingers.

I struggled to keep my composure as I pointed at the beast with my fingers. The cool summer breeze swept past me and made the trees and brush perform a calm ballet just out of sight. …

Photo credit: David Gomes

I could have sworn Jason Voorhees was stalking me.

I’m serious. For the past four nights, while I worked on my final exam, all I could hear was the chih chih chih ca ca ca he made before killing his victims. …

Super on the nose photo provided by Danielle Maccines

In this edition of The Middle, an essay on family and the exchange of ideas.

By Alex Kamczyc / Julie Riedel

I remember sitting in the car with my dad when I was younger, going to and from football practice, and listening to a man on the radio talk about politics. At that time, I couldn’t…

In this edition of The Middle, a look at how outlets like CNN and MSNBC can inadvertently cause the next mass shooting/terror attack.

By Alex Kamczyc/ Edited by Julie Reidel

No one wants to glamorize the terror plots, attacks, mass shootings and killings in the U.S.

No one wants to inspire the next terror attacker, shooter, murderer.

No one wants to cause these atrocious events.


When we look at past events and what we know now from the various…

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Kwok

In this edition of The Middle, how a county jail in Ohio is rated one of the worst prisons in the United States.

By Alex Kamczyc / Edited by Julie Riedel

Most of the time I consider myself a movie buff.

In high school, I obsessed over filmmakers, writers, actors, why certain camera movement was used in a…

Alex Kamczyc

Alex Kamczyc is an award winning journalist covering politics and culture in Cleveland. He studied at Kent State University under Connie Schultz.

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